Hezbollah chief gloats: Israel had its ‘worst day,’ is on ‘path to disappearance’

The Times of Israel reports: “The head of the Hezbollah terror group gloated that Israel was on the ‘path to disappearance’ as chaotic demonstrations by opposition activists protesting the passage of the first judicial overhaul law wracked the nation on Monday.

‘Israel was once thought of as a regional power that can’t be beaten, and regional countries accepted its threat as a fact that can’t be removed,’ Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised address marking the seventh day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, days ahead of the major Shiite festival of Ashura, according to media reports.

He added that ‘its trust, awareness and self-confidence have deteriorated into the crisis it is experiencing today.’

Nasrallah, whose own country has been mired in years of devastating political bedlam and has seen its own spasms of protests, branded Monday Israel’s ‘worst’ day since the state’s creation.

‘This day, in particular, is the worst day in the history of the entity, as some of its people say. This is what puts it on the path to collapse, fragmentation and disappearance, God willing,’ he said…”

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