Hezbollah exploiting diplomatic loopholes to finance terror, investigation finds

The Times of Israel  reports: “Hezbollah has been exploiting a diplomatic loophole to freely funnel money from around the world into its coffers in Lebanon, a joint report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and ProPublica found.

The investigation, published on Monday, found 500 cases of individuals ‘accused of crimes or embroiled in controversy’ who currently or were previously designated as an ‘honorary consul,’ a special designation that provides an individual with diplomatic perks and freedoms.

The honorary consul system was devised centuries ago to allow countries that could not afford to establish embassies overseas to designate a foreign citizen to operate on its behalf in another country.

The investigation indicated examples of Lebanese citizens receiving honorary consul status by other countries, as well as foreign nationals using their diplomatic privilege to aid Hezbollah…”

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