Hezbollah official warns terror group can destroy Israeli army

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Hezbollah has called an article written by IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis and published on Lebanese opposition websites ‘provocative words published by a coward.’

‘The article is nonsense and a provocation that is published by someone who is a coward,’ Hajj Muhammad Raad, the head of Hezbollah’s ‘Loyalty to Resistance’ Lebanese Parliamentary bloc, wrote on the Ahewar website.

‘Israel should not act foolishly and complicate itself in a war that will be destructive for it. Hezbollah is stronger today and has capabilities that can destroy the Israeli Army. Israel today has become a regional and international isolationist, and the media spins that come out of it are meant to cover up its distress, because it wants to present itself as strong,’ he continued.

On Sunday, an article written by Manelis appeared on several Arab-language media outlets, including being published on the Hezbollah-friendly al-Masdar website and broadcast on the Voice of Beirut radio station.

‘The authority of the Zionist entity, whatever it tries, will not be able to persuade the Arab-Muslim peoples to give up the idea of ​​resisting the Zionist occupation,’ Raad wrote Monday. ‘The day will come when Hezbollah’s flag will be raised over the honorable city of Jerusalem and the Palestinians will regain their occupied land.’…”

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