Hezbollah plans use of Russian-Iranian missile to down Israeli aircraft – report

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Hezbollah does not intend to reduce its activities against Israel in the North, according to a report published in the Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al Jarida on Monday.

The organization intends to continue fighting as long as the war in the Gaza Strip continues, and is convinced that the US will increase the pressure on Israel to stop the war as long as the date of the presidential elections is approaching.

It was stated in the newspaper that the Shia terrorist organization was preparing for long months of fighting and preparing surprises for Israel…

The sources cited in the Kuwaiti newspaper also revealed that Nasrallah is planning surprising moves on two levels. The first, according to them, includes the use of weapons that have not yet been used in this conflict, including long-range precision missiles and surface-to-air missiles that the organization will try to launch at air force planes.

According to the sources, Hezbollah is expected to make the first use of a missile manufactured by Russia and modified by Iran. Hezbollah is convinced, according to the sources, that they can stun Israel and the world with the ability to shoot down an Israeli plane…”

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