Hezbollah suffered ‘significant setback’ with downed UAVs

Israel National News reports: “According to IDF spokesman Ran Kochav, the Hezbollah terrorist organization sustained a ‘significant operational defeat’ with the downing of three UAVs it dispatched from Lebanon on Saturday.

The drones were identified by detection systems and monitored by ground control units throughout their flight, and were intercepted by an IAF fighter jet and an Israeli Navy missile ship, over the Mediterranean Sea near the Karish natural gas rig.

Speaking on Radio 103FM, Kochav said, ‘Hezbollah sustained a significant operational setback when it attempted this operation that did not succeed. It appears that the drones were not armed,’ he added.

Kochav stated that the threat did not justify moving the rig to a possibly safer position. ‘These are Israeli territorial waters, and Hezbollah is trying to harm our sovereignty in all kinds of ways. But they have suffered a significant setback here,’ he said…”

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