Hezbollah’s plan: Infiltrate Israel, ‘cut off’ Metula

Israel National News reports: “A senior officer in Northern Command said Wednesday that the Hezbollah terror organization was surprised and deterred by the operation to destroy terrorist tunnels on the northern border.

The IDF has gained almost complete control of the Hezbollah tunnel project. Maintaining secrecy and the element of surprise has been a significant milestone in the success of the operation, which will last, according to assessments, for several weeks.

‘The chief of staff wanted to launch the operation two months ago, but we in the Northern Command asked for more time to organize and lay the foundation for preparing the operation,’ says the officer, who says that at no time was there a tunnel ready for use and that a period of months separates between the utilization of the tunnels and today’s reality.

According to the information gathered in the army, the purpose of the tunnels was to enable Hezbollah’s forward and rapid force to break out of the tunnels, to take control of central areas and routes such as Route 90, to ‘cut off’ the northern town of Metula or other places, and then to allow additional forces to pass through the fence into Israeli territory…”

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