Houthis strike cargo ship in Red Sea with cruise missiles, seriously wounding civilian

The Times of Israel reports: “Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched two anti-ship cruise missiles and struck a commercial ship Thursday in the Gulf of Aden off Yemen, setting it on fire and severely wounding one civilian mariner, authorities said.

The M/V Verbena was still ablaze and the mariner was flown by a US helicopter based on the USS Philippine Sea to another nearby ship for medical treatment, the US military’s Central Command said.

In a statement, Central Command said the Verbena is a Palauan-flagged, Ukrainian-owned and Polish-operated bulk cargo carrier that had docked in Malaysia and was on its way to Italy carrying wood. ‘The M/V Verbena reported damage and subsequent fires on board. The crew continues to fight the fire,’ the statement said.

The attack is the latest such assault in the Houthis’ campaign over the Israel-Hamas war…”

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