IAEA chief: Iran has expanded stock of near-weapons grade uranium

The Jerusalem Post reports: “IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi warned on Monday that there is a ‘routinization’ process underway of Iran’s many nuclear violations.

At a press conference after he addressed the IAEA Board of Governors, he also cautioned that any future deal between the Islamic Republic and the West must take into account the massive nuclear progress by Tehran from IR-1 centrifuges to IR 2, IR-4, and IR-6 centrifuges, as well as from 3.67% enriched uranium to 60% enriched uranium in large quantities. 

While hoping for progress in negotiations with Iran and the West, he said he would continue to flag Iranian violations based solely on a scientific basis.

Earlier in the day, he told the IAEA Board of Governors that Iran has continued to increase its stock of 60% enriched uranium (close to weapons grade), and that there has been no progress in getting Tehran to credibly explain the existence of illicit traces of uranium found at undeclared nuclear sites…”

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