IAEA: Iran not cooperating with probe of nuclear warehouse

Israel National News reports: “The International Atomic Energy Agency’s top inspector said that Iran is not cooperating with international inspectors investigating uranium particles discovered in a Tehran warehouse, Bloomberg news reported on Thursday.

Two officials who asked not to be identified told the news agency that the inspector, Massimo Aparo, had told diplomats in a closed-door meeting in Vienna on Wednesday that Iran is evading attempts to discover the source of man-made and natural uranium particles detected at the warehouse earlier this year…

 ‘Iran should provide full and timely cooperation,’ the IAEA said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. ‘The IAEA is ready to continue interactions with Iran with a view to resolving the matter as soon as possible.’

During Thursday’s discussion, the IAEA confirmed that Iran began violating the 2015 nuclear deal by preparing to enrich uranium…”

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