IAF stages major drill in Greece practicing potential long-range strike on Iran

The Times of Israel reports: “The Israeli Air Force (IAF) staged a major long-range strike drill in Greece this week, the latest in a series of drills aimed at preparing the military for a potential strike on Iran and its nuclear facilities.

The Israeli military said Thursday that the joint two-day-long drill with the Hellenic Air Force included long-range flights, aerial refueling, low-altitude flights and the use of live fire.

During the drill, dozens of IAF fighter jets, as well as spy planes and refueling aircraft, flew thousands of kilometers from Israel to Greece and back, the Israel Defense Forces said.

‘In Greek territory, the fighter jets practiced low-altitude flights and dropping live ammunition in designated areas,’ the IDF said.

The IDF said the drill was carried out under ‘particularly challenging’ weather conditions, but despite this, all the mock targets were destroyed. Greece experienced major flooding caused by Mediterranean storm Daniel over the last week…”

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