IDF deploys Iron Dome to defend against Islamic Jihad retaliation

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Iron Dome air defense system has been deployed in the center of the country, the IDF confirmed on Monday night, in the aftermath of a public war of words between Israel and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Tensions have been high in regard to Gaza since the IDF blew up an attack tunnel built by Islamic Jihad under Israel’s territory on the southern border. Ten members of the group and another two terrorists were killed in that explosion.

Israel is still holding five of the bodies.

According to Channel 2, the IDF has increased its security around its barrier with Gaza. Israel has been improving security along the southern border to prevent tunnel warfare, including digging a barrier deep into the ground.

The IDF arrested Islamic Jihad leader Tariq Qa’adan in the West Bank early Monday morning, an IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

Islamic Jihad slammed Israel for arresting Qa’adan, arrest of the leader Qa’adan is a part of the occupation’s latest escalation against Islamic Jihad and our people,’ according to Palestine Today, a news site linked to the group…”

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