IDF girds for Hamas surprise attack with Gaza border calmest it has been in a decade

The Times of Israel reports: “More than a year after the Israel Defense Forces fought an 11-day war against terrorists in the Gaza Strip, military officials on Thursday touted new defensive measures as key to maintaining one of the quietest periods in southern Israel in recent years, but warned that the Hamas terror group is working to circumvent them in a potential surprise attack.

Since the fighting last May, which saw over 4,360 rockets and mortar shells fired at southern and central Israel, just 11 projectiles have been fired from the coastal enclave, marking the calmest period since Israel withdrew troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005, according to officials…

‘We did not wait for the terrorists to come to the border to fight them, rather we hunted them down every time they raised their heads and tried to harm our civilians and forces,’ Aloni said…

The IDF believes Hamas has learned lessons from the war last year, and in the next round of fighting will attempt to launch a surprise attack. In the lead-up to last May’s fighting, Hamas announced its intention to launch rockets at Jerusalem at a specific hour, allowing the army to somewhat prepare for what was to come, including shuttering routes along the border and recommending civilians prepare their bomb shelters…”

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