IDF releases footage of Gaza strike being called off over civilians

YnetNews.com reports: “The Israeli military on Sunday released footage of its troops calling off the attack in Gaza in the recent round of cross-border fighting in order to avoid harming uninvolved civilians nearby.

The attack in question was set to target Islamic Jihad’s southern command chief Khaled Mansour, who was killed Saturday night, but being postponed initially after the IDF noticed civilian pretense in the area.

According to the IDF, ‘during the elimination of Khaled Mansour, children were identified on site of the attack and hence it was postponed several times. Later on, when the children were not present in the area, the attack was carried out successfully.’

In footage released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, voices of soldiers can be heard saying: ‘I saw kids in the trees running around, cancel the attack.’

This recurred twice afterwards: ‘There are still kids in the garden that is in front of the house and several kids close to the house.’ Only on the fourth attempt, at 9:01pm, after making sure there were no children in the area, the IDF carried out the strike…”

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