In Belgium, the fight against anti-Semitism is only rhetorical

Israel National News reports: “Prosecutors in Belgium dropped criminal complaints against a Turkish café owner who put up a sign banning Jews.

A café in the town of Saint-Nicolas had displayed a sign saying dogs are welcome at his business, ‘but Jews are not.’

The La Dernière Heure newspaper on Friday reported that the Prosecutor’s Office in Liege dropped discrimination charges filed in 2014 against the owner, who was not named in the report.

Joel Rubinfeld, the president of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism told the paper that he was ‘disgusted and deeply disappointed’ by the decision, which a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office confirmed to the newspaper but declined to explain.

The sign prompted protests internationally and in Belgium, where an Islamist had killed four people at Brussels’ Jewish museum just weeks earlier…”

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