In first, Iron Dome’s interception success rate reaches 95%

YnetNews.com reports: “Since the beginning of Israel’s campaign against Islamic Jihad in Gaza, dubbed Operation Breaking Dawn, the Iron Dome has intercepted 95% of incoming rockets, representing the highest success rate for the defense system since it first became operational 10 years ago.

At least 400 rockets have been launched by terror groups in Gaza since Friday. Some landed within the Strip, and some were not intercepted due to being aimed at unpopulated areas. According to IDF data, 160 rockets which were projected to hit populated areas, were intercepted.

The Iron Dome first became operational during 2012 military campaign in Gaza, dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense, and had interception rate of 75%. The system’s statistics improved during 2014 Gaza War, also known as Operation Protective Edge, shooting down 80% of rockets. During 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls, the success rate has climbed to 90%.

‘We’re prepared to defend Israel from north to south,’ the commander of the 137th Battalion in the Iron Dome unit said. ‘The manner in which we operate changes every time, we’re study the enemy and prepare accordingly.’…:

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