Interrogated Hamas official: Al Shifa Hospital was extensively used for terror

YnetNews.com reports: “A senior Hamas military intelligence officer in an ISA interrogation: ‘Units of the military intelligence operated from Al Shifa Hospital. The Interior Ministry, the Emergency Committees and the government of Hamas also worked from there. It’s a safe place.’

Many affiliated with terrorist organizations were apprehended in the IDF’s targeted operation, led by the 162nd Division and the ISA, at Al Shifa Hospital. This includes the Deputy Commander of the Rocket Unit in the Islamic Jihad, commanding positions in the Hamas Military Wing, and senior operatives in the Ministry of Internal Security and Hamas’ Emergency Committees. The apprehended suspects were transferred for interrogation at the ISA and Unit 504 in the Intelligence Directorate (J2).

Among the apprehended are also many operatives from Hamas’ Military Intelligence, who in their interrogations bring valuable and important information for the continuation of the fight against the terrorist organization. Among them is the Deputy Head of the Information Department in Hamas’ Military Intelligence, Ashraf Ibrahim Samur.

Samur describes in the ISA interrogation the many branches of Hamas that operated out of the hospital, starting with the Military Intelligence, the Interior, Security and Administration branches of the terrorist organization…”

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