Iran boosts navy with new ‘Abu Mahdi’ cruise missile  

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Iranian Navy and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (IRGC)’s Navy both received a cruise missile that is supposed to extend their ability to strike at ships in the region. The missile is called the Abu Mahdi and is said to be a ‘high-precision naval cruise missile.’

This would give them a cruise missile with a claimed range of 1,000km, Iranian state media claimed on Tuesday. The announcement comes amid rising naval tensions as the US has sent more warplanes and ships to the Persian Gulf. Iran doesn’t have a very large navy or air force, and therefore using missiles and drones is the main way Iran can threaten ships and other naval forces. 

The announcement is important to Iran and was widely reported by Iran’s media. ‘Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said during the ceremony that the Abu Mahdi cruise missile is capable of confronting electronic warfare and evading radar systems and has utilized artificial intelligence to chart its optimal flight path,’ Iran’s pro-regime Fars News said…”

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