Iran claims to have 80% of uranium needed to build nuclear bomb

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran has enriched more than 120 kg. of 20% enriched uranium, the head of its atomic energy organization, Mohammad Eslami, said Saturday evening, state news agency IRNA reported.

‘We have passed 120 kilograms,’ IRNA quoted him as saying. ‘We have more than that figure.’

‘Our people know well that they [Western powers] were meant to give us the enriched fuel at 20% to use in the Tehran reactor, but they haven’t done so,’ Eslami said. ‘If our colleagues do not do it, we would naturally have problems with the lack of fuel for the Tehran reactor.’

If true, the numbers could be considered a major jump forward in uranium enrichment, potentially eventually toward a nuclear weapon if Tehran made the choice to try and break the nuclear threshold…”

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