Iran conducts drone exercise involving surveillance and reconnaissance

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran conducted a drone exercise involving surveillance and reconnaissance drones from the army, Iranian media said on Wednesday. This is part of a growing number of drills involving Iranian drones. 

Iran has vastly expanded its drone use in recent years. While Iran has used them since the 1980s, it has decided to invest more in recent years because the technology behind drones enables it to export them to the region and also threaten adversaries using relatively simple and cheap technology. 

According to the Iranian reports at Tasnim News, the joint drone exercise involved those from several forces of the army and they carried out various drills relating to monitoring targets. The goal was partly designed to showcase the UAVs’ use in monitoring borders. 

Iran uses drones to monitor internal threats, such as Kurdish resistance groups that oppose the regime, as well as its border with Afghanistan and Pakistan…”

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