Iran could attack Israel, just as it did the Saudi oil fields: Galant

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran could use a combination of cruise missiles and advanced drones to attack Israel, in a manner similar to the way it attacked the Saudi oil fields last month, Absorption Minister Yoav Galant told Army Radio.

A Major-General (Res.), Galant was one of a number of Israel’s security cabinet members who took to the airwaves this week to discuss the threat from Iran, in the aftermath of Sunday’s security cabinet meeting that dealt with upgrading Israel’s aerial defense system so that it could better combat such an attack.

Galant said he would not speculate on the likelihood of such an attack, but he noted that if Iran could ‘shoot in one direction [at Saudi Arabia] from hundreds of kilometers away’ it could also ‘shoot in another direction [at Israel] from hundreds of kilometers away.

‘We are looking at what is happening around us,’ he continued.

Since May Iran has been increasing its hostile activity in the region, including an unprecedented attack on September 14 on the Saudi oil fields that involved the coordination of dozens of projectiles, missiles and drones, Galant explained. 

‘Iran is not a theoretical enemy,’ Galant said, explaining that its regime has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel…”

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