Iran Declares Itself ‘Invincible’ While Demanding ‘Stronger Guarantees’ for Nuclear Deal

Breitbart.com reports: “Radical Islamist President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi declared his country ‘invincible’ in a threatening military rant on Thursday preceded by his top diplomat claiming the rogue regime was still ‘closely studying’ a proposal to revive the doomed 2015 nuclear energy deal with Europe and the United States.

Raisi proclaimed that America had suffered a ‘humiliating defeated [sic],’ according to the Iranian state-run Fars News Agency, in withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal and that it was negotiating now because it was aware that Iran was ‘invincible and powerful.’

Raisi made the remarks during an event Fars identified as the ‘AhlulBayt World Assembly’ in the nation’s capital…”

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