Iran nuclear talks restart, with US urging Tehran to take deal

SpaceWar.com reports: “Negotiators kicked off a fresh round of talks over Iran’s nuclear programme in Vienna on Thursday, seeking to salvage the agreement on Tehran’s atomic ambitions.

Officials from world powers and Iran were meeting in the Austrian capital for the first time since March, when negotiations, which began in 2021 to reintegrate the United States into the agreement, stalled.

A senior EU official said progress was being made on some of the remaining obstacles, including guarantees that the United States would not scupper the deal by going back on its word in the future.

‘We have now quite substantial guarantees,’ the official said. ‘It’s my understanding that Iran is happy and feels satisfied with what is in the text’.

A demand by Tehran that the United States remove the country’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the State Department’s official blacklist of ‘foreign terrorist organizations’ has been dropped from the discussions, the official added. It will instead be handled ‘in the future’ — after the deal…”

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