Iran says IRGC attacked alleged Israeli spy headquarters in Iraq

SpaceWar.com reports: “Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said overnight it attacked alleged Israeli spy headquarters in northern Iraq as well as terrorist targets in Syria, state news reported, escalating already heightened tensions in the Middle East.

The attacks in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region capital of Erbil were confirmed by the local security council, which said that at least four civilians were killed and six others were injured, some of whom were listed in unstable condition.

The IRGC said it had struck Mossad headquarters with ballistic missiles in what it framed as retaliation over ‘the plot of the Israeli regime’s spy agency hatched to assassinate Iranian and resistance commanders,’ the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The Kurdistan Region Security Council refuted the IRGC’s claim in a statement of its own that said Iran ‘always uses unnecessary excuses to attack Erbil.’

‘Erbil, as a stable area, never has been a source of threat to any party,’ it said.

‘This is a clear violation of the dictatorship of the region and Iraq and the federal government and the international community should not be silent about these crimes,’ the Kurdistan Region Security Council said…”

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