Iran says nuclear policy unchanged after ‘bomb’ remark

SpaceWar.com reports: “Tehran gave assurances Wednesday that its nuclear policy was unchanged and that it still adhered to a fatwa banning weapons of mass destruction, after an Iranian official said the country was able to make atomic bombs.

It is the second time in the past 18 months that Iran has reiterated its opposition to nuclear weapons following comments by an official.

‘In regard to the topic of weapons of mass destruction, we have the fatwa’, or religious edict, by Iran’s supreme leader that prohibits the manufacture of such weapons, said foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani.

The fatwa declares the use of atomic bombs and other weapons of mass destruction to be ‘haram’, or forbidden by Islam, and it is often cited by Iranian authorities as a guarantee of Tehran’s good intentions.

‘It seems that there has been no change in the view and position of the Islamic Republic of Iran’ regarding the nuclear policy, Kanani told a news conference.

His comments came in response to a question about remarks made by Kamal Kharazi, head of Iran’s strategic council of foreign relations to Al Jazeera on Sunday about Iran’s capability to manufacture nuclear weapons…”

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