Iran seeks South American influence with Cuba, Venezuela tour

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is heading to South America for what the country is billing as an important tour of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. Venezuela’s leader was recently in the region to attend the Turkish president’s inauguration and also to travel to the Gulf. Iran’s President is heading to Latin America after speaking with France’s president.  

Iranian media profiled the trip noting that Iran’s president believes that the countries of South America want to pursue an ‘independent’ policy. Meaning that they want to be independent of the US. Iran would like to cultivate ties with more countries, such as Brazil and Columbia, and perhaps Argentina as well. Iran is highlighting its ties with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. These are countries whose leadership has been hostile to the US. In addition these countries work with Russia, China and sometimes Turkey as well. Tehran sees them as prime candidates for drone sales, trade in energy and also as part of its overall agenda to threaten the West. In addition Iran wants to get around sanctions and has in the past sought to exploit South America by using proxies like Hezbollah and others to engage in drug trade and other illicit activities…”

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