Iran selling lethal weapons to 50 countries worldwide – Israel’s Gallant

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran is selling weaponry to 50 different countries, said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

‘Under and on the surface, Iran is striving for the destruction of the State of Israel,’ he said. ‘It does so both directly and through messengers – the terrorist militaries working close to the borders of Israel. Iran threatens not only Israel but also the security and stability of Europe and the world in general.

‘Iran’s negative effects are growing across continents and nations. In the last year, Iran has become a global exporter of lethal weaponry, and is in contact with no less than 50 countries around the world to sell it to them,’

‘Iran supplies drones with a span of 1,000 kilometers to countries in eastern Europe such as Belarus, and in the past, it did so in South America – to Venezuela.

‘The international community needs to unite the powers and take urgent and quick steps to stop the weapon deals that Iran leads and create an effective punishing mechanism…”

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