Iran showcases ‘Khaybar Shekan’ missile it used to attack Syria

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran showcased its Khaybar Shekan ballistic missile on Wednesday in an event in Tehran near the Azadi Sports Complex, according to pro-government media in Iran. The missile is now the pride of the Tehran regime because it was used to target an area in northwestern Syria. Iran claimed to be targeting ‘Takfiri’ groups, a word they use for ISIS and other extremists. However, Iranian media also claimed in mid-January, after the missile was used, that it was a ‘message’ to Israel.

Tasnim News showed the missile on display in Iran in a report on Wednesday. The media said that four of these large ballistic missiles had been used in January and they had been fired from southern Iran.

This is an important point for the Iranian regime. It marks the ‘IRGC’s longest-range missile operation,’ the report says. Iran could have fired the missiles from northern Iran. It purposely fired them from the south to see if they could reach the 1,300km range intended for the missiles…”

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