Iran testing drones on Ukrainian civilians for future use on Israel

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran is using Ukraine as a testing ground for its drones to prepare for future drone attacks on Israel, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed on Thursday. 

‘Today hundreds of Iranian drones are undergoing ‘test runs’ on our land, killing civilians,’ The Defense Ministry wrote on Twitter. ‘These drones were not intended for use against Ukraine. To have a strategic advantage over its enemy, Israel should conduct a ‘test run’ of its air defenses Ukraine is the best testing ground.’

The comment was made the same day that Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Ukrainian Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke about cooperation between Iran and Russia, and the day that it was confirmed by the US not only that Iran was selling drones and missiles to Russia, but that Iranian military personnel were overseeing the launch of the suicide drones against Ukraine…”

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