Iran to ban intercity travel due to coronavirus

Israel National News reports: “Iran will ban intercity travel within days in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people, officials said Wednesday, according to AFP.

The strict new measures come after weeks of cajoling largely failed to prevent hundreds of thousands of Iranians taking to the roads to visit family for the two-week Persian New Year holiday.

‘New journeys will be banned, leaving towns and cities will be banned,’ government spokesman Ali Rabii announced on Wednesday, hours after President Hassan Rouhani revealed the government was poised to introduce ‘difficult’ new measures against the outbreak.

‘People should return to their home towns as quickly as possible,’ Rabii added.

He said the government would issue a statutory instrument setting out fines for violations.

‘Of course, the security forces are going to stop it,’ he said, referring to travel on Iran’s major highways…”

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