Iran to trade Hezbollah arms to Moscow, Arab tribes in Syria

The Jerusalem Post reports: “An extraordinary article in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida has claimed that Iran is seeking to create a complex deal in Syria, so as to transfer weapons from Hezbollah to Syrian regime-backed Arab tribes, as well as to send arms to Moscow.

Maariv described this as a four-way deal, one that threatens both Israel and Ukraine. The interplay between Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Syria has always been complex, with any movement benefitting Hezbollah or Iran-backed proxies seen a threat.

If true, the move could result in a concerning weapons flow, especially new Iranian weapons to Hezbollah. While moving weapons away from Hezbollah and to the tribes or to Russia appears counterintuitive – since Hezbollah tends to stockpile weapons – this could actually take the older munitions off of Hezbollah’s hands, setting it up to get the newer ones, while earning it gratitude from Moscow. This move would threaten US forces in Syria, giving Iran four wins: Aiding Russia, aiding Hezbollah, threatening the US, and threatening Israel…”

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