Iran TV says proxies to attack Israel from all sides

YnetNews.com reports: “Iranian television drew for its viewers the regime’s plan for the attack on Israel. ‘They will be hit from all sides,’ the report said the Shite militias in Iraq and Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthi rebels in Yemen will launch a coordinated attack including missile fire and attack drones to create a siege of Israel.

Iran claims the Houthis possess missiles with a range of some 2,000 kilometers (nearly 1,250 miles) and Hezbollah has advanced rockets able to target Israeli naval vessels and Tel Aviv. The report also said the pro-Iran Iraqi militias were entrenched in the Syria part of the Golan Heights. ‘Such an attack could begin within days if the Supreme Leader’s demands to stop Israeli strikes on Gaza are ignored.’

In a call between Iran’s military chief Gen. Mohammad Bagheri and defense minister of Russia and Qatar, Russian Sergei Shoigu said Israel’s continued crimes, and the assistance it receives from some in the West may lead to others being forced to join the conflict. ‘We are very concerned about a far-reaching assault on civilians,’ he said…”

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