Iran warns Israel: No attack will stop our nuclear program

Israel National News reports: “Iran vowed on Tuesday to maintain its nuclear program despite Israel’s alleged efforts to sabotage it, stressing that the recent explosion at the Natanz nuclear enrichment center was not going disrupt its pace.

‘The Israeli regime should be aware that creation of norm-breaking narrative on any attack against our nuclear facilities, even if it’s only propaganda, is considered as stepping in the path of violating red lines of global peace and security,’ government spokesman Ali Rabiei said, according to the Israel Hayom newspaper.

He was referring to the mysterious fire at the Natanz nuclear site last week, which Iran has publicly suggested could be attributed to the US or Israel.

Israel has not commented on the incident, but an unnamed Middle Eastern intelligence official told The New York Times that Israel was responsible for the attack, which he said was carried out using a powerful bomb…”

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