Iran warns Israel not to ‘play with fire’ after drone attack on defense facility

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran on Monday warned Israel ‘not to play with fire,’ and threatened retaliation over Israel’s reported involvement in a weekend drone attack on a key defense facility in the city of Isfahan.

The site hit in Saturday’s strike was reportedly was a weapons production facility for Iran’s killer Shahed-136 drones, Channel 12 news reported Sunday. The unsourced report said the attack incorporated high-quality intelligence and technological ability.

Isfahan is also a known hub for Tehran’s missile industry and is where the Shahab medium-range missile — which has a range capable of hitting Israel — is assembled.

An unnamed Iranian official told the Al Jazeera network that it appeared Israel was behind the attack, although he claimed it was a failiure.

‘The first indications point to Israeli involvement in the attack on Isfahan, but the investigation must continue,’ he said…”

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