Iran Warns U.S. Navy of ‘Secret New Weapon’ to Send Warships ‘to the Bottom of the Sea’ reports: “The U.S. Navy has been warned: Iran claims to possess a terrifying ‘secret new weapon’ that will send American warships ‘to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes.’

‘America… is sending two warships to the region,’ General Morteza Qorbani, an adviser to military command, told semi-official news agency Mizan in comments translated by Reuters. ‘If they commit the slightest stupidity, we will send these ships to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes using two missiles or two new secret weapons.’

Another senior commander, General Hassan Seifi, backed up the threat, claiming Iran is so powerful the U.S. would never initiate a first strike against the Islamic republic. He said, ‘rational Americans and their experienced commanders will not let their radical elements lead them into a situation from which it would be very difficult to get out, and that is why they will not enter a war.’

Iran’s rhetoric comes after the U.S. confirmed it will send hundreds of additional troops and a dozen fighter jets to the Middle East in the coming weeks to counter what the Pentagon said is an escalating campaign by Iran to plan attacks against the U.S. and its interests in the region…”

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