Iran: We can threaten Suez, Hormuz, the strategic waterways of region

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran’s pro-regime media on Wednesday said that the country’s missiles and drones now have the ‘strategic straits’ of the region in their crosshairs. The article in Iran’s Tasnim, which reflects the IRGC’s way of thinking about the region, says that Iran can now threaten Bab el-Mandeb off Yemen, the Straits of Hormuz between Iran and the Gulf and even the Suez Canal. The threat to the Mandeb and Hormuz area was well known in the past, but Iran appears to have now added Suez to its list of strategic choke-points for world trade that it says it could threaten.

The Iranian article comes in the wake of several articles that have spelled out a new doctrine for warfare in the region which reflects an offensive stance designed to deal with perceived threats. Iran, in this new article spelling out the triple threat to the region’s waterways, is also upping its rhetoric about drones from Lebanon…”

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