Iran: We’ll strengthen ties with Lebanon

Israel National News reports: “Iran said on Sunday it would expand its ties with Lebanon despite US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s call for Beirut to choose sides, Reuters reported.

On Friday, during a visit to Beirut, Pompeo called on the Lebanese people to stand up to the ‘criminality, terror and threats’ of Hezbollah, which is Iran’s regional proxy. He also claimed US sanctions on Iran and its Lebanese Shiite ally were working and that more pressure on them was forthcoming.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi dismissed Pompeo’s remarks on Sunday.

‘Because of the failure of its policies in the Middle East, America has turned to the outdated and disgraced weapon of threats and intimidation to impose its imperious policies on other countries,’ Qasemi said, according to Reuters.

‘While respecting the independence of Lebanon and the free will of its government and nation, Iran will use all its capacities to strengthen unity inside Lebanon and also to expand its ties with Lebanon,’ he stressed…”

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