Iran working on advanced centrifuges at new underground sites, Gantz warns

YnetNews.com reports: “Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned Tuesday that Iran has made significant strides vis-à-vis its nuclear program, partly by installing advanced uranium centrifuges at new sites near its Natanz nuclear facility.

Speaking at a conference by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at Reichman University, the defense minister said that ‘Iran is making an effort to complete the manufacturing and installation of 1,000 additional advanced IR6 centrifuges in its nuclear facilities, including new facilities being built at underground sites near Natanz’.

Gantz’s statement echoed a March 3 report by the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which stated that Iran had installed or planned to install a total of three IR6 cascades, amounting to around 660 machines – as well as IAEA chief Rafael Grossi’s April report, which stated that Iran had set up a new underground Natanz workshop for making centrifuge parts, an apparent precaution against attacks…”

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