Iranian Cyberwar grows aggressive with Russia and Hezbollah’s help

Israel National News reports: “Recent headlines in Israel read ‘Cyber attack may have caused recent air raid sirens in Jerusalem and Eilat.’

Iranian cyberwar has gone global, thanks to Tehran’s strategic alliances with some of the worst geopolitical players. Analysts say that Russia has helped Iran become a cyber-power by supplying it with cyber weapons, information, and capabilities. In turn, Iran passed its expertise to its terrorist proxy Hezbollah. Due to Iran’s development of cyber power, the United States, which could contain this threat for years, is now under attack.

‘Ayatollah Khamenei has successfully fostered a culture in Iran centered around suspicion of the West. Westoxification has long been a concern for Iran. To blunt America’s influence in the region and around the world Iran’s soft war, from their perspective, is instrumental in their long-term rules of non-violent engagement with the United States and its allies,’ said cyber security expert Charles Denyer in his upcoming book Iran’s Cyber Assault on America.

According to Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, Tehran entered ‘a new kind of war, all the lines have been crossed and a catastrophe could have been caused.’ This revelation came after Iranian hackers attempted to launch a cyber attack in 2020 to raise chlorine to dangerous levels on an Israeli water facility…”

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