Iranian drones bring back fear for Ukrainians

SpaceWar.com reports: “In Ukraine’s port city of Odessa, residents have recently found themselves hiding not from the thunder of rocket attacks but from the whir of buzzing Iranian drones in the sky.

The machines have been playing an important role since Russia invaded seven months ago — forming part of reconnaissance operations, missile firings or bomb drops.

Awakened with a start on Saturday morning by a roar from the sky, Maryna Kondratieva ran to hide in the cellar with her two young children, fearing the worst.

‘I understand now that everything can change in five minutes,’ Kondratieva, who lives in a well-to-do part of the city and whose terrace overlooks the Black Sea, told AFP.

Odessa — the ‘capital’ of the southwest and Ukraine’s main port — had seemed largely safe from Moscow, whose troops failed to take it at the beginning of the war…”

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