Iranian Teen Dies After Security Forces Beat Her for Refusing to Sing at Regime Rally

Breitbart.com reports: “The Coordinating Council of Teachers Syndicates of Iran (CCTSI) reported on Wednesday that Iranian security forces beat a 16-year-old girl student named Asra Panahi to death after forcing her to attend a rally in support of the government, where she allegedly refused to sing a pro-regime song.

Protests have been sweeping Iran ever since its thuggish ‘morality police’ killed a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini five weeks ago for supposedly wearing her mandatory headscarf improperly. Many of the protesters are female students who have been casting aside their own headscarves and making bold gestures of defiance against the theocratic regime.

According to a statement from the teacher’s union in Panahi’s hometown of Ardabil, Iranian authorities illegally forced girls from Shahed High School to attend a pro-government rally last Tuesday.

Once the girls had been marched to the designated area, they were ordered to sing a song praising the theocracy. Some of them refused and sang a protest chant instead, prompting regime thugs to verbally and physically assault them. Seven students were injured, including Asra Panahi, who later died of her injuries in the hospital.

The teacher’s union said regime operatives raided the school after the disobedient girls returned and assaulted several more of the students. Police arrested ten students from the school…”

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