Iran’s IRGC head predicts defeat of Israel, US amid Israeli elections

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the quasi-military mafia that runs Iran, claimed that the US is seeking to leave the Middle East and that Israel is in danger of collapse.

It was not clear if IRGC Chief Commander Hossein Salami’s message was timed to coincide with the news of Israel’s apparent elections that will stir up the Israeli public in several months, but his speech repeated the usual Iranian mantra.

Iran is often frustrated that it has little to show for its claims of ‘resistance’ to Israel that it messages throughout the region, so it suffices to remain on message. The more Israel, the West and the US succeed, the more Iran claims they are fried and leaving the region.

Tasnim and Fars News, Iran’s pro-IRGC, pro-government media, reported the comments at the top of their websites as a choice medium on Tuesday.

‘Our enemies are worn and defeated,’ Salami claimed…”

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