Iran’s Khamenei Threatens Israel with ‘Greater Disaster’ if It Defends Itself from Terror

Breitbart.com reports: “Speaking at a graduation ceremony for Iranian military cadets on Tuesday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the brutal Hamas terrorist attack on Saturday as an ‘irreparable defeat’ for Israel.

He blamed the Israelis for bringing rape and murder upon themselves.

‘The cause of this destructive storm was the continuous brutality and ferocity of the fake usurper regime against the Palestinian nation,’ Khamenei said, as reported by Iran’s Tasnim news agency…

Khamenei took his bluster to Twitter on Tuesday morning, only to have an amusing encounter with the Israelis, who let him know that his regime is very much on their minds as they set about neutralizing Hamas and its sponsors.

‘The heads of the Zionist regime and their backers should know that the massacre and mass murder of the people of Gaza will cause a larger calamity to come upon them,’ Khamenei wrote.

‘It’s easy to be brave when you’re hiding behind a keyboard,’ the State of Israel’s official Twitter account responded. ‘You and your Hamas friends will regret your barbaric actions very soon.’…”

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