Iran’s President Heads to Turkey to Discuss ‘Annihilation’ of Israel

Breitbart.com reports: “President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran departed for Turkey on Wednesday, expected to hold in-person meetings with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on how best to support the jihadist terror group Hamas in its campaign of human rights atrocities against Israel.

Iran is the world’s premier state sponsor of terrorism and a top financial and ideological supporter of Hamas, the Gaza-based Sunni terrorist outlet responsible for the unprecedented atrocities against the Israeli population on October 7. Erdogan, an avowed Islamist, has repeatedly declared his support publicly, denying that Hamas is a ‘terrorist organization’ and claiming that the group’s ‘resistance’ against Israel – in the form of infanticide, gang-rape, mass slaughter of civilians in their homes, and other crimes against humanity – is legitimate.

Both Iran and Turkey celebrated the October 7 attacks, Tehran with a massive street party featuring chants of ‘death to America’ and Ankara with a ‘Great Palestine Rally’ reportedly featuring over 1 million people…”

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