Iran’s supreme leader: Israel’s demise coming faster than I expected

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told local leaders on Tuesday that the ‘Zionist regime’ was disappearing faster than he had anticipated, amid internal Israeli divisions over the government’s controversial judicial overhaul.

‘Their own officials continuously warn that their collapse is nearing. Their president says this, their former prime minister says this, their [military] chief says this and their defense minister says this. They all say it,’ Khamenei said, appearing to refer to concerns voiced by public figures, such as President Isaac Herzog, that civil conflict could break out over intense disagreements on the legislation that seeks to shackle the Supreme Court.

‘They say their collapse is nearing and that they won’t make it to their 80th birthday. We said a few years ago [in 2015] that they wouldn’t reach the next 20 or 25-year point from then. But they themselves are in a rush and want to leave sooner,’ he said.

The comments on Israel were made during a special Ramadan address Khamenei gave to government officials in Tehran…”

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