Iran’s supreme leader to Islamic Jihad: You have proven you can ‘crush the enemy’

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran’s supreme leader applauded the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group on Thursday, telling the leader of the Iran-backed organization it had proven Palestinians could ‘crush the enemy’ during three days of fighting with Israel last week.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the remarks in an exchange of letters with Islamic Jihad’s general-secretary, Ziad Nakhaleh, according to a report in Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency.

In the letters, Nakhaleh and Khamenei both played down divisions between different Gaza terror groups, after Hamas sat out last week’s fighting.

Khamenei told the terror chief, ‘The recent event has added to the honors of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement and elevated the status of Islamic Jihad in the magnificent resistance movement of the Palestinian nation.’

‘You have proven that each section of the resistance is able to crush the enemy,’ Khamenei told Nakhaleh, who was in Iran for meetings with the terror group’s main backers throughout last week’s fighting…”

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