Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Gang Rapes, Torture and Murder of Christians’ Are Ongoing reports: “An Iraqi Catholic archbishop says that Christians in Iraq ‘are afraid of another wave of persecution that will be the end of Christians,’ despite news of the ‘defeat’ of the Islamic State.

‘The daily practice of robberies, gang rapes, torture and murder of Christians is ongoing,’ said Basra Archbishop Habib Al Nawfali in a recent interview with Catholic News service. ‘Therefore, they are pondering what will be next.’

Speaking during a meeting on intercultural dialogue sponsored by the European Parliament earlier this month, Al Nawfali, who has been Archbishop of Basra since 2013, condemned the ‘genocide’ of Iraqi Christians, while calling on leaders in the West to defend the rights of native Iraqis, including Christians.

‘We need support politically from Western leaders, and Christian villages need help economically to open workshops to provide employment or for the reconstruction of houses,’ Al Nawfali said.

He also lamented the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land, noting that as many as 1 million Christians have been forced from their ancient homeland, a situation he described as a ‘disaster.’…”

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