IRGC head: Iran must embrace strategy to defeat US

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps head Hossein Salami gave a speech recently in which he looked back 43 years over the period of Iran’s ‘Islamic Revolution’ and asserted that Iran today has embraced a strategic outlook that is in contrast to US decline. He said that while the US had global power decades ago, today it no longer has the domination and influence it once did.  

‘Today, a powerful Islamic Iran is a rival to the United States. This battle is going on in all fields, and the mobilization has played a fundamental and decisive role in this competition and the neutralization of Western ideas from society,’ he said. He praised the youth of Iran and the revolutionary spirit he thinks guides Iran today. He said that the ‘revolution,’ has borne fruit and that it is growing today. ‘We have been in all the ups and downs of these epic and eventful years, and we have become acquainted with the plans of the Basij [revolutionary guard youth paramilitaries] and we have seen it closely in the field.’ 

He said that many years ago Iran was in darkness, dominated by foreign colonialists. This created intellectual stagnation, ‘the freezing of thought in the ice of consciousness, in the darkness of ignorance.’ He says that Western models of thought had harmed the country and ruined its Islamic and national identity. ‘Where there is strategic thinking – in today’s sense of strategic thinking – the nation rules its own destiny,’ he says…”

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