IS Ramps Up Attacks in Afghanistan, Taliban Claim Key Arrest

Voice of America News reports: “Amid an intensified terror campaign by the Islamic State Khorasan (ISK) group in Afghanistan which has killed dozens of civilians this week, Taliban authorities claim they have captured the group’s liaison for Europe.

On Tuesday, the Taliban’s intelligence agency released a video confession of an alleged ISK member who says he helped foreign nationals join the terrorist group in Afghanistan.

‘I had invited 10 to 15 people and one of them has come to Afghanistan,’ says the Afghan man in the video.

The man also claims he collected funds for ISK from three European countries. ‘I collected $15,000 from Ukraine, 5,000 euros from Germany, and about 1,500 euros from Spain.’

The release of the Taliban video comes at a time when ISK has perpetrated several deadly attacks in the Afghan capital over the past few weeks.

At least 50 people, mostly schoolgirls, were killed and more than 100 wounded in an explosion at an educational center in Kabul on Friday…”

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