ISIS Threat Depicts Exploding Capitol to Coincide with Start of 116th Congress reports: “An ISIS-allied media group continued threats against the U.S. Capitol in a violent image released as new lawmakers were sworn into office.

In the image, a white jihadist wearing military gear and a black ski mask stands outside the front of the Capitol as an explosion detonates in the dome. Both the House and Senate ends are depicted in flames.

‘And fight them until there is no fitnah,’ states the text on the image.

Fitnah means a test or trial. Islamic scholars have clarified the term as separating the bad from the good and ‘burning them with fire’ and a word ‘often used to describe tests in which something disliked is eliminated’: ‘Fitnah means testing, fitnah means trial, fitnah means wealth, fitnah means children, fitnah means kufr, fitnah means differences of opinion among people, fitnah means burning with fire.’

The same group behind the threat also this month released an image of a jihadist attacking President Trump as he’s inside a vehicle, with the directive ‘Fight them for they are polytheists.’ Another poster circulated online depicted a gray-sweatshirt-wearing jihadist wielding a long knife, telling lone jihadists to wage jihad where they are in ‘the land of disbelief.’…”

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