ISIS Video Warns ‘Flames of War Will Burn’ U.S. Like After Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal reports: “An ISIS-linked group declared that ‘the flames of war’ will ‘come to America’ following U.S. withdrawal from Syria in the same way that ISIS’ power was ignited by President Obama deciding to pull U.S. forces from Iraq.

The eight-minute video, ‘It’s Still Burning,’ was released online by al-Asawirti Media, which has produced films in support of ISIS since the caliphate was declared in 2014.

Intoning ‘Remember’ over and over, the video begins with President Trump declaring in a White House video that ‘we have won against ISIS.’

‘They have anticipated they can’t fight against us forever,’ the video states, proceeding to show a clip of Obama declaring U.S. troops would come home from Iraq. ‘They keep repeating the same self-defeating behaviors,’ the video text adds.

‘We tell the Americans, the protectors of the Jews and the Crusader protector, whether you withdrew or not our victory is in our continuation,’ a narrator says over footage of ISIS battlefield scenes. ‘Even if you withdraw, you will return soon. If you cannot turn back, we will invade you from everywhere and you will hear our footsteps on the ground. The fighting has just begun and we are confident of victory from Allah.’ ISIS won’t stop, the narrator vows, until jihadists can ‘pray in Rome.’…”

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